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Star Ruby
Imperial IPA
On Tap!
Star Ruby is a super juicy North Eastern style Imperial IPA zest with world famous local Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit from Schacht Groves and 5 different American hop varietals.
Grovehouse Ale
Citron is a Wild Grovehouse Ale zest with local Indian River citrus and sour aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels. The citrus addition is driven by the crop availability during that season. Bright sour flavors with rustic, fruity esters, small amount of spicy phenolics and a hint of funky barnyard.
Jungle Trail
Imperial Black IPA
Jungle Trail is a juicy and dank American Imperial Black IPA brewed and dry hopped with Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops plus zest with Indian River Duncan White Grapefruit from The Barnes Family.
Black Orchid
This is an ultra-complex treatment of "Black Tar," our base Imperial Stout that has previously only been available at our food/beer pairing dinners at the OIB Tavern. Black Orchid is always barrel-aged with vanilla beans. The barrels we procured for this batch are the French oak, former ruby port casks in which Angel’s Envy bourbon is conditioned for several months after spending many years in American white oak. This batch of Black Orchid was treated with Ugandan and Mexican vanilla beans, a blend of single-origin cocoa beans from Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ivory Coast & Venezuela, deeply roasted hazelnuts and pecans, and locally roasted Colombian and Honduran coffee beans. The result is a viscous, velvety and totally unfiltered explosion of aroma and flavor. Fact: Vanilla beans are derived from orchids in the genus "Vanilla," native to Mexico. The name "Vanilla" comes from the Spanish word "Vainilla", meaning "little pod". Vanilla beans are also referred to as pods or "Black Flower", after the mature bean, which shrivels and turns black shortly after it is picked.
Block 1 - Duncan White Grapefruit
American Session IPA
Block 1 is a single hop / single fruit session IPA that is brewed and treated in secondary with Amarillo hops and Duncan white grapefruit zest. Locally grown white grapefruit come from the grove number block 1 of local citrus family, The Barnes.
Block 2 - Meyer Lemon
American Session IPA
Block 2 is a single hop / single fruit session IPA that is brewed and treated in secondary with Lemon Drop Hops and Indian River Meyer Lemon zest. Locally grown Meyer Lemons come from the grove number block 2 of local citrus family, the Hamners.
Block 3 - Honeybell
American Session IPA
Block 3 is a single hop / single fruit session IPA that is brewed and dry-hopped with Mandariana Bavaria German Hops and honeybell orange zest. Locally grown honey bells come from the grove number block 3 of local citrus farmer, Schatch Groves.
Indian River Grapefruit
American IPA
On Tap!
Indian River Grapefruit IPA is a juicy North Eastern style American IPA zest with local Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit from Schacht Groves and 2 different american hop varietals.
Pale Ale
American Pale Ale zest with Duncan White Grapefruit sourced from local citrus farmer, The Barnes Family.
Berliner Weisse
On Tap!
Beachside is a light-bodied, super tart, refreshing berlinerweisse. We kettle-soured this beer with lactobacillus (a "friendly" strain of bacteria that is also commonly used as a probiotic). The grain bill consists of equal parts pearl malt, wheat and spelt. The hop bill consists of a modest measure of Mandarina Bavaria hops. Inspired by a centuries old German tradition, we prepared flavored syrups to balance out the tartness and provide an extra layer of flavor and complexity. However, instead of using the traditional woodruff-flavored and raspberry syrups preferred in Germany, our syrups were made in-house from locally sourced ingredients... -Cherry/Key-Lime: Made with Key Lime juice and zest (sourced from Birdie-Hogan farms), tart cherry juice and sugar. -Ruby Red Grapefruit: Made with Ruby Red grapefruit juice and zest (sourced from Schacht Groves) and sugar.
Nuth'n Fancy
Southern Brown Ale
On Tap!
Nuth'n Fancy is a Southern Brown Ale we gave a tip of the hat to one our favorite southern rock bands. Brewed with an abundance of oatmeal and chocolate malt, our house ale yeast delivers aromas of roasted nuts, coffee, and caramel in this beer. Deliciously smooth mouthfeel and moderately dry finish.
Black Tar
Russian Imperial Stout
This is our base Imperial Stout brewed with vanilla beans, roasted pecans and hazelnuts, cocoa nibs and locally roasted coffee beans. These adjuncts spent only a brief time in the secondary fermentation of this beer, so all the components are very subtle.
Grapefruit Grove Fight
American Sour Ale
This is an American Sour Ale brewed with 4,000 International Citrus Units (ICUs) of zest and juice from Indian River County-grown Ruby Red Grapefruit and the pulp of several pounds of south Florida-grown Red Dragon Fruit. The Dragon Fruit lends a touch of tropical fruitiness to the beer and imparts a vibrant burnt-orange hue. Grove Fight has the aroma and flavor of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with a tangy, tart, slightly sweet finish.
Berliner Weisse
GFDF Berliner Weisse is a light-bodied, super tart, fruity and refreshing wheat ale that was kettle-soured with lactobacillus (a "friendly" strain of micro-flora that is also commonly used as a probiotic). Its treated with grapefruit and dragon fruit. The grain bill consists of equal parts pearl malt, wheat and spelt, with an original gravity of 1.042. The hop bill includes 10 IBUs of Citra. Finally, this thirst-quencher was brewed using 4000 International Citrus Units (ICUs) of Indian River County-grown Ruby Red Grapefruit and 20 lbs of south Florida-grown red Dragon Fruit.
Branche de Brett
100% Brett Berlinerweisse
On Tap!
Branche de Brett is among the most progressive beers we've brewed to date. It is a light-bodied, super tart, Berlinerwiesse that was kettle-soured (we use a modified kettle sour) with lactobacillus (a "friendly" strain of micro-flora that is also commonly used as a probiotic) then 100% Brettanomyces primary-fermented. For secondary fermentation we treat is with a healthy dose of toasted Honeybell wood we sourced directly from the groves.
American Pale
On Tap!
Brewed with 100% Nelson Sauvin hops imported from New Zealand. Named after the Sauvignon Blanc grape, this hop boasts notes of freshly crushed white grapes, citrus peel, & tropical fruit. A light, biscuity backbone for balance.
Packing House Pils
On Tap!
Bohemian style Pilsner; our first lager! Brewed with Saaz, Sterling, and Magnum hops. Crisp and quaffable with a balanced and refreshing dry finish.
Winter Grovehouse Ale
Dark Saison
On Tap!
Our play on a Belgian "Farmhouse Ale." Our winter installment is a brown wheat ale treated with Tamarind pulp and Tangelo zest. Sweet and sour fruits complement the dry and spicy character developed by the saison yeast.
Triple IPA
On Tap!
A spin-off of our anniversary triple IPA, Spectrum, but brewed with different hops. Initially dry hopped with Mosaic, then dry hopped a second time with Ella and Ekuanot and finally dry zested a third time with Persian Lime, Honeybell, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Variegated Pink Lemons. Aromas of tropical and wild skittles coasted in sticky trichomes.
Tropic Beauty
Milkshake IPA
On Tap!
Our tribute to the "Milkshake IPA" styled innovated by the minds at Tired Hands/Omnipollo. brewed with a hefty amount of malted wheat, flaked oats, and milk sugar. Exclusively and heavy handedly hopped with Citra and treated with Indian RIver County Tropic Beauty Peaches, Schacht's Valencia Oranges, Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Creamy, hoppy, and lusciously "desserty."

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