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Orchid Island is a very small, independently owned & operated microbrewery based out of Vero Beach, FL. OIB has gained a reputation for incorporating local Orchid Island & Indian River citrus into IPA's and sour beers. By mixing a global view and a local knowledge, the brewery has allowed us to follow a focus since our first beer was brewed in 2008. Along the way have come the home brew shops, the beer competitions, the friends and the bottle share parties, the good, the bad, the collaboration trips, and the stokedness. OIB is juicy beer and always will be.

The barrier island of Orchid and Indian River County originated around the citrus industry. The area is widely recognized as thee region that grows the Earth's finest citrus. During winter months when citrus is in its peak harvest, cold snaps sweeten the citrus. If it freezes, the fruit spoils however. What makes Orchid Island unique is its proximity to the ocean and the Indian River lagoon. During the worst winter cold fronts, the ocean and river have a warming affect on the island that keeps the fruit above freezing. The combination of OIB's geography and climate are what lend to a deep sense of terroir, place, and people.

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Water From Air

Science & Art

Our beer is quite literally the air that we breath. Florida is not known to produce super high quality ground water such as Vermont or Colorado. In an effort to build razor clean beers and remain hyper-local, OIB uses technology that pulls water from the air. The process purifies OIB water to near zero-impurities and allows us to approach each beer with a blank canvas. For respective styles we'll add back salts and minerals to mimic water conditions found at a beers' origins.

Indian River

Local Contributors

Schacht Groves
Packers of Indian River
Richie Family
Barnes Family
Peterson Groves
Hogan Family
Oslo Citrus Growers
Green River Citrus
Florida Research Center for Agricultural Sustainability

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